Meet the Artist Zoie


In case you were wondering, let me tell you the significance of the ’21’.  Zoie is our beautiful and talented daughter who happens to have Down syndrome.  Yes, Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by a third copy of chromosome 21 referred to as ’Trisomy 21’.  Now that you know how the name ‘Zoie’s ART 21’ was established, let’s hear about our artist, Zoie!

Zoie is a fun-loving young lady with many passions.  Her special talent with art was discovered as she was visiting her aunt Dee who is a retired master sculptor.  As an activity, they discussed painting animals.  Her aunt asked, what's your favorite animal? Zoie replied, “Giraffe!”

At the time, a giraffe was so amazing as we had recently visited the Toledo Zoo where they allowed us to feed the giraffe. 

Zoie picked colors from a palette that she wanted to paint the giraffe.  Zoie chose such a remarkable palette of colors said her aunt. As Zoie began to paint, her aunt was astonished to see the array of colors come together in a unique but vibrant way.

She was impressed!

The final product, "Big Giraffe" is one of many pieces of art with dazzling colors.  All paintings reflect Zoie’s vibrancy and boldness in her pursuit for happiness for all!

In an effort to test Zoie’s creative side, her Aunt let her pick another palette of colors to paint a second work of art.  Well, she painted another giraffe which took on a totally different look with amazing colors.

This one she called ’the Funny Giraffe’... 

Zoie’s Art 21! Amazing prints made by an amazing young lady….Zoie!